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When is it worth it to upgrade a desktop computer

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Posted on: 06/06/18

When is it worth it to upgrade a desktop computer? Computer expert Mark Kyrnin recommends that you compare the upgrade cost to the cost of buying new.Memory and hard drive upgrades are fairly straightforward changes that you (or your IT department) can make to keep your desktop computer longer. Upgrading a laptops hard drive can be considerably more challenging. Kyrnin notes that the most important consideration is whether your computer uses an ATA interface (found in older models) or the newer SATA interface. You should aim for at least the recommended amount. If you have an IBM or Lenovo machine that you are looking to upgrade, you may want to check their Websites for information on their options continuation programs.

Buying Memory and Hard Drives

If you have an older desktop, you may have to shop around for memory and a compatible hard drive. There are many vendors of discontinued computer parts who can help you.

When buying memory, try to purchase as few modules as possible to leave expansion slots open for future upgrades. You can find this information in your computers specifications, either in documentation or on the manufacturers Website. Contacting the TDC Air conditioning duct Suppliers store and asking for the right parts and weighing out your options is important. When it comes to hard drive upgrades, you can either opt for an internal hard drive or an external hard drive.

Upgrading Memory

Kyrnin offers some good tips on upgrading memory:

Memory upgrades are easy and cheap. If the upgrades cost you half or less than half the cost of buying a new computer, then the upgrade is probably worth it.

You will also need to consult your computers documentation or visit the manufacturers Website for the specs on your machine to determine the type, size and number of memory modules supported. He also recommends that you open up the computer housing to see how many expansion slots you have available. Fortunately, there are many vendors of discontinued computer parts and accessories that tend to stock specialized and obsolete components. And if you think your desktop is too old to find parts for, think again.

To determine how much memory you need, you can refer to the operating system again.

With most individual and business users storing large files like pictures, music and video a hard drive can easily be filled up. Some manufacturers, like IBM and Lenovo, have specific resellers to sell their discontinued parts. Check store continuation programs for further information. Usually there is minimum amount and a recommended amount. All you need to do is determine the amount and type of memory you need.

If you arent sure how much you have, you can check the operating system through the System option of the Control Panel window (if you use Windows).

Upgrading Your Hard Drive

Kyrnin calls the hard drive the next easiest upgrade, after memory. Of course, he is talking about desktop computers here


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